December 17, 2015

Animals? Cute. Animals Surfing? AWESOME.

Even though I’ve been teaching surfing for over 13 years, sometimes I still feel like an uncoordinated baby deer, falling all over her legs for the […]
December 2, 2015

ALUMNI STORY: Do You Really Need a Surf School?

If you’re looking for an objective view of the PVA experience, or just want more nitty-gritty details in order to decide if PVA is the right […]
November 28, 2015

Suns Out, Buns Out: A Sneak Peek into Surf Camp

It’s official: The surf season has begun in Malpais/Santa Teresa, Costa Rica! Surfer babes, surfer boys, surf beginners–everyone’s welcome in the water here, and we could […]
November 6, 2015

Gratitude in Action: Surfsgiving Paddle Out

Three years ago, Pura Vida Adventures celebrated its 10th year, complete with a week-long fiesta that just happened to coincide with Thanksgiving. We surfed till our […]
September 21, 2015

May the Stoke Be With You!

We recently came across an article at that talked with surfers young and old about the transformative, other-worldly power of riding the ocean’s waves. The […]
September 16, 2015

What is Self Acceptance to You?

The other day a friend told me that when she was younger she would look at her mom’s fashion magazines and wish that she looked like […]