They say that practice makes perfect, and we say that you should try to get as much “Pura Vida” as you can during your Costa Rican vacation!

That’s why we offer 2 hour private lessons for anyone looking to get a little extra, hands-on instruction during their time in Santa Teresa. Coming a day early to the area and want to get some special tips before your week starts? No problemo! Staying for a few days after your surf and yoga retreat and simply HAVE to ride some more waves? We knew you’d be hooked! Maybe you’re only in Malpais or Santa Teresa for a quick stop? We’d love to get you on a wave or two…or twenty!

We know “surf stoke” is real, so we’re happy to work with you one-on-one (or in group classes) to give you that little bit of extra love in the water.

Details on Private Surf Lessons

2-hour instruction from the best instructors in Costa Rica, for any experience level from beginner to advanced

Includes board and rashguard rental, and a lesson tailored to your specific areas of focus.

Private Lessons: $130

Group Lessons: $80/person

Private lessons are by appointment only, so call or email us to reserve your spot!

Curious about our qualifications? Read more about our expertise, technique, and decades of experience in the Surf Instruction section!

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