Costa Rica Surf Camp and Yoga Retreat for Women

Rekindle your passion for life during our all-inclusive surf and yoga retreat at Pura Vida Adventures. Our intent is to rejuvenate and empower the mind, body and spirit through surfing and yoga–the “pura vida” way. Our retreats draw inspiration from the Costa Rican phrase “pura vida,” which loosely translated means “enjoy life.” This spirit is infused into every aspect of our Costa Rica surf camp.

Costa Rica Surf Camp & Yoga Retreat for Women

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Come immerse yourself in the Costa Rican “pura vida” lifestyle and allow us to inspire you. Together we will explore the art of wave riding, find presence in daily yoga, experience Costa Rica’s natural beauty and harmonious way of life, enjoy a variety of fresh local dishes, relax on the beach under the tropical sun, and share in an adventurous community of fun.

Pura Vida Adventures is about creating a unique experience and perhaps exposing you to a new outlook on life.

Costa Rica Surf Camp for Women
Costa Rica Yoga Retreat instructor
10 years of Women's Costa Rica Surf Camp and Yoga Retreats

“An amazing time, a magical place, and an adventure for the mind and soul. The camaraderie, surfing, food, laughter, chit-chat and the staff all add up to a very sweet moment in time. Thanks for creating an enriching and fabulous experience.” ~ Jen Hunt, Oakland, California

Surf Camp in Costa Rica for Women
Costa Rica yoga retreat Surf Camp for Women