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May 19, 2016
Rekindle Your Playful Spirit
September 20, 2016

Surf Camp Love Letter

Hi Tierza,

You are a goddess for dreaming up and manifesting this surf camp–it has been such a wonderful experience! Tell me, is it normal that a huge part of me is still in Malpais, Costa Rica, even days after I’m home? I’m already dreaming up the next trip, and scheming how I can get more girlfriends to come with me next time.

It’s always a gamble to travel alone, and I feel like I won big time on this surf camp. I truly appreciate how Sara and the ladies share themselves and their own lives and adventures. It was like having girlfriends around!

I’m a big proponent of women (especially) taking care of themselves. We are usually in roles where we have to take care of other people. You guys did an amazing job of taking care of us this week! I got Sara, Helen and Andy gift certificates for the spa at the hotel. Please treat and take good care of yourselves!

I hope we cross paths again soon!

With gratitude,


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