Surfing Road Trips, Tropical Waves, PARADISE.

Surfer Babe Banditos Conquer Costa Rica
April 27, 2016
Surf Camp Love Letter
July 28, 2016

Surfing Road Trips, Tropical Waves, PARADISE.

Does that picture above of the trusty surfboard and jeep make you excited?

Does it make you start frothing at the mouth and feel all warm and tingly inside?

If so, it’s probably because you understand the pure stoke of getting to go on a surf safari to a semi-secret surf spot with green waves for days in the beautiful surf of Costa Rica. MAGIC!

418yeahAll day long. No wetsuit. No crowds. What dreams are made of. 

This camp was super focused in on learning all the surf skills our Pura Vida Adventures instructors could dish out

418learningDo other women’s “all inclusive surf camps” give you sweet face zinc AND this much specialized attention to surf lessons? SURELY NOT. 

Speaking of surf instruction, lets get some words and memories from our super Head Surf Instructor, Helen!

“Learning to surf with Pura Vida Adventures can be really bad for your work career. On returning to your job you will want to yell things in staff meetings like “TAKE ME BACK TO THE GLISTENING WAVES AND TURQUOISE WATERS”.

418yeahbuddyGlistening waves, check. Turquoise waters, check. Surfer Babe, SUPER CHECK.

418radWhy have a board meeting in the office when you could have a surfboard meeting in the warmest waves ever?

“This is especially the case if you get to experience our favorite break at Cabuya. It’s a loonnnngg gentle pointbreak which is perfect for beginners.”

418headingoutHeading out into some of the sweetest waves Costa Rica can offer. ::Swoon::

“Last week Cabuya had some of the best waves of the season so far. Jeanette, Karen and Debbie all got some of the best waves of their lives.”

418cabuyaSurfer babes! Getting ready to catch the waves of a lifetime!

“Jeanette received the ‘Best use of boobs’ Salsa Lizano Award. It’s the first time this award has been presented, and it was given to acknowledge how well she is rotating her shoulders and torso to turn the board.”

Thanks Helen! And now some pictures of some surf camp life!

readytoripBoobs are great for board balancing as well. 

418adviceGood advice for life AND surfing!

418rippingSurf school will teach you all the skills to shred like a ripper

418stanceSuper surf stance on the waves. Malpais has one of the gentlest inside waves!

418sweetGotta love learning on a softop surfboard!

418crash…Because everyone wipes out. 

418hatYeah get it girl! Shred those glassy waves!

418allsmilesStoke for days when you’re living the dream in Costa Rica!

418sickOffshore waves make surfing magical

Group418Thanks ladies, for an amazing week at surf camp! Come back and surf with us again soon!


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