Surfer Babe Banditos Conquer Costa Rica

5 Ways Surf Camp Busts the Winter Blues
February 19, 2016
Surfing Road Trips, Tropical Waves, PARADISE.
May 19, 2016

Surfer Babe Banditos Conquer Costa Rica

Oh man! You know what this picture says?


This surf camp week was a delightful mix of spring break-ing, slumber party-ing, surfing sick waves, ATV-ing, and even sliding down some hills after sunset. 🙂


From the awesome waves at Playa Carmen to girl talk and getting to know the local culture in Montezuma, this surf camp was a blast!

418banditosGotta wear that bandito gear when you’re riding quads through the Costa Rican jungle!

Let’s hear what surf-instructor extraordinaire Helen Bowditch has to say about the week:

“At Pura Vida Adventures we believe that the most important thing in learning to surf is … being able to laugh at yourself.

(surfing AND life advice!)

Yes of course it helps if you’ve got a strong core, thighs and can bust out pull ups like Sarah Connor in Terminator 2, but if you can have a jolly chuckle from time to time then your surfing journey is going to be a lot more fun.

423wipeoutwipeouts in the waves = a great excuse to practice chuckling!

Our last group of campers embraced this concept to the max.

(We apologize to other surfers who were in the water at that time and witnessed the group of hysterical screaming banshees). 423loungingNot hysterically screaming. But sometimes surfing banshees just need to sunbathe a bit

Our Salsa Lizano Awards on the final night reflected the group’s joie de vivre. Jackie won the ‘Is it the blue side facing up’ Award and Jenny got the ‘Real Surfer’ Award for her hilarious daily surf reports. Sherry won ‘Queen of the Push the Bush’ for her excellent surf stance, Katy got the ‘Shred the Gnar’ for her embracing of surf lingo. Vera won ‘Adrenaline Junkie’ for facing her fears and Sue got the ‘Green Goddess’ for tearing it up at Cabuya. Jamie got the ‘Badass’ for continuing to surf despite getting bonked on the head by her board on the first day.”

Thanks Helen! Now here’s a bunch of badass babes surfing:

423styleSuper stylish surf-stance

423yeahLookin’ where you want to go: surfing the waves of life AND the ocean

423balanceSmiling in the Costa Rican waves

423eyesaheadRiding those warm tropical waters like a champ

423cruisinSweet little glassy green wave!

423ripStay low, surf far.

423surftalkGettin’ some knowledge from the rad PVA crew

423dreamteamCosta Rica is a dream come true, and this here is the dream team!

423happycampersThanks ladies for the awesome week! PURA VIDA and come back soon!

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