Costa Rica Surf Lessons
All Level of Surfers

We pride ourselves on the quality of our surf instruction and our surf camp is for all levels of surfers. Our CPR certified and experienced instructors are dedicated to teaching you the “Art of Surfing”. We go beyond teaching you basic technical skills by assessing your ability and developing an individualized surf program that will take you to the next level. Our student to teacher ratio is three-to-one and you will be placed in a surf group based on your skill level and experience. By mid week, you will have the opportunity to work one-on-one with your instructor to receive the attention you deserve.

I didn’t know that surf lessons would be life lessons as well.” ~ Jen

Our beachfront resort is located at our favorite beach break Playa Carmen. With a variety of beach, point and reef breaks in the area, our surf van allows us to explore the different breaks and look for the best conditions to help ensure your surf adventure is an experience of a lifetime.

Questions About Our Costa Rica Surf Lessons


You’ll be amazed at how fast you will be up and riding waves. With many of our guests being beginners, our patient staff is well-prepared to teach you the basics of surfing: proper etiquette, water safety, wave riding skills (how to properly stand up and ride waves), and effective paddling techniques, as well as preparing you for surfing your home break.

Gracias for an amazing week of fun in the spectacular ocean waters of Costa Rica!! Your wisdom of the waves, and know how on the board made for a great week of learning. . . Wow! The feeling of getting up and riding a wave can only be felt -Words cannot describe. Thank you to all the group for everything you each did to contribute to this experience -Which I will never forget.” ~ M.


Our qualified surf instructors will help you improve your surfing skills to achieve the next level. Your instructor will assess your skill level and implement a progressive program to strengthen your surfing game. We’ll focus on wave-reading and catching ability, developing greater control in slightly more challenging waves, mastering the techniques necessary to generate greater speed and connecting more fluid turns.

Not only for beginners, PVA is a great place for any surfer to safely expand their comfort zone, push themselves and improve their surfing. The instructors offered me tips and pointers on wave after wave, I was able to ride some of the best waves of my life. Each wave felt like a private lesson, even though I was not the only student in the water. It takes great skill to teach and communicate in the water, and PVA’s instructors have what it takes!” ~ Mary


Our more advanced surf coaches will evaluate your surf skills and implement a progressive program to sharpen your surfing abilities. You will also have the opportunity to learn new maneuvers and learn how to maximize your rides with more speed and style.

Your camp/ experience is so professional and flexible. Your instructors are phenomenal, really; such a professional, smart and talented staff. I felt a difference in my surfing ability and would recommend the camp to other surfers at my skill level.” ~ Jessica

Our Board Quiver

With over 35 surfboards to choose from, there is certainly something for everyone, including: “SoftTops”, “epoxy”, and local fiberglass shapes. Surfers will be able to choose from a wide range of high quality equipment including high-performance long boards, fun-shapes, fish, and short-boards. Everyone will have the opportunity to try different boards as they progress throughout the week. Our expert staff will gladly assist you in choosing the board that is right for you, as well as explaining the performance characteristics of each shape.


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Women's Surf Camp
Costa Rica Surf Lessons for Women
Costa Rica Women's Surf Lessons
Costa Rica Surf Lessons for Women
Costa Rica Surf Lessons
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