Rekindle Your Playful Spirit

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July 28, 2016
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October 12, 2016

Rekindle Your Playful Spirit

As a women, no one gets you more than Pura Vida Adventure’s founder, Tierza Eichner. You see, even though she’s the owner of a totally rad women’s surf retreat business, she’s also cramming her life in between an overloaded work plate and keeping up with two-year-old twins. She understands that you, too, are tending to everyone else’s needs (while also, reluctantly, swapping your sandals for Ugg boots this time of year). That’s why Tierza is using the fall equinox as a time to dial-in her camp offerings—retreats that, for 12 years, have catered specifically to your needs.

Fall is the time for gratitude

At the beginning of every retreat season, Tierza reconnects with the flowing current that has landed her where she is today. It began with the gift of surf lessons, given to her by a friend at the ripe age of thirty-two. Next came the bust, which resulted in a layoff and forced her to do an about-face with her current lifestyle. It was then that she embarked on a Central American surf odyssey landing her, magically, in Malpais, Costa Rica, the current stomping grounds for Pura Vida Adventures.

Five months later, still in Malpais, she realized how the power of this little corner of the world affected her outlook on life. “The Costa Rican locals use the phrase ‘pura vida’ to mean ‘life is good’ [translated it means ‘pure life’]. The beauty of the coast, the kindness of the locals, the spirit of fellow travelers, and the mystical effect of surfing taught me the meaning of ‘pura vida,’” she explains, “I started this business to share this experience with other women like myself. Traveling. The ocean. New cultures. Relaxation. To me, that is ‘pure life.’” And so the seed of Pura Vida Adventures was planted. She had no prior startup skills, but instead just went for it.

Twelve years later, she’s basking in gratitude for what has become one of the premier luxury adventures known to women. And this girl, you know, is really just like you and me: She’s a girl with a dream (aren’t we all?) who became an entrepreneur with a mission: A mission to rekindle YOUR playful spirit. See why MORE Magazine invites you to “reinvent yourself abroad,” just like Tierza did.

Hopefully at some point this fall—when you’re cursing the first frost because, totally unprepared, you opted for the wrong footwear—you’ll search for a way to give back to YOU. And that’s where Pura Vida Adventures comes in—with a soul-lifting experience that will become as true to your heart as the breaking waves are to the Malpais coast. It’s this cyclical pattern that brings us together, time and time again, to express gratitude for this crazy thing called life.

Tierza believes that gratitude is the pulse of her life. Two years ago, we celebrated the tenth year of Pura Vida Adventures with one hell of a surf camp party during the week of Thanksgiving. What started as an anniversary party became a tradition, which now we dub “Surfsgiving..” Join our Surfsgiving Co-Ed retreat (November 20 – 26) as a way to share in a celebratory tradition of gratitude and abundance, while also indulging in a farm-to-table Costa Rican-style Thanksgiving spread. BOOK NOW.

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