A Barefoot Luxury Vacation on Steriods

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September 20, 2016
surf and yoga retreat
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October 21, 2016

A Barefoot Luxury Vacation on Steriods

Do you ever feel like you need a barefoot luxury vacation, pronto? Maybe your everyday world is toxic. Now, I don’t mean toxic in the poisonous sense, but more in the energetic sense. Because even if our daily grind has a vital pulse, our busy lives still create stagnant energy over time. And unless we force ourselves to do a true about-face on our routine (No, I don’t mean a one-hour mani-pedi), we can’t quite release the toxic sludge.

At Pura Vida Adventures, we partner with Hotel Tropico Latino to give you a luxury beach experience–and a true reconnect to nature and self–one that only our five-star Costa Rica surf retreats can offer.

Check in and Check out!

Barefoot Luxury Vacation

You’ve just arrived from the airport after consuming the magnificent countryside of Costa Rica with our taxi driver Miguel. Sara, our camp host, and Evelyn, the hotel’s receptionist, greet you and accompany you to one of twenty-five intimate rooms nestled within an eco-conscious, beachside property. You notice that the grounds crew went above and beyond to maintain the natural flora and fauna of the tropical jungle (a far cry from high-rises and strip malls, huh?). You unpack your belongings, but the gentle sound of the Playa Carmen waves pull you outside onto your private deck before you can complete the task. Then off to the lounge you go (Screw it–you’re on a barefoot luxury vacation!) where one of the young male staff members offers you a fresh smoothie, overflowing with mouthwatering tropical produce. Already, you get the feeling like you’ve died and gone to some sort of over-the-top heaven. You decide to kick back poolside–or should I say, beachside (so many choices)–in one of our tree-tucked hammocks, remembering that you left your phone in the room. That’s when the true detox of your back-at-home junk begins …

Luxury Vacation Accommodations

You see, Hotel Tropico Latino goes far beyond the adventure of sleeping in a thatched-roofed jungle hut in Central America, and instead delivers a pampering experience that makes your comfy bed at home seem like a cardboard cot. Our half-mile strip of pristine beach and our welcoming staff invite you into a new family in a new location. (Go ahead, pinch yourself.)

Costa Rica Cuisine

One of the best parts of your barefoot luxury vacation is eating the local cuisine. The resort’s Shambala Restaurant offers mouth-watering farm-to-table fare, prepared by gastronomy advocate, cooking show host, and native Costa Rican, Chef Randy Siles. Now this is not your typical food from a favorite joint down the street. Chef Stiles’ dishes overflow in a sea of organic veggies nestled around local grilled meats, fresh-caught fish, and traditional ceviches. Siles pays strict attention to sustainable ingredients, making sure he delivers the best cuisine with the soundest conscious. It’s a theme that runs throughout the vibe of the resort as they exhibit their efforts through everything from their commitment to conservation to their biodegradable in-room products. Is nice to be reminded–while indulging in all that is ”pura vida”–that you’re amongst like-minded folks, who, without even trying, are earning major karma points.

surf and yoga retreat

Oh, and I can’t let you go without a trip to our beachside spa and yoga deck. After all, this is where “barefoot” and “luxury” truly meet.

Set your intention in our daily yoga classes as the nearby waves sing to you. Then enjoy a rejuvenating spa treatment by the sea. Papaya, carrot, honey-wrap please? The spa uses fresh, natural products like papaya, cucumber, coffee, coconut, almonds, and mint that all grow native to Costa Rica. So as they soften and soothe your sun-quenched skin and deliciously transform your tight muscles, you can rest assure they’re also paraben-free.


So if you’re up for a doing a total one-eighty from your everyday scene (And who isn’t?), embark on a barefoot luxury vacation that is as much about adventure as it is about purification of place. A Pura Vida Adventures retreat at Hotel Tropico Latino will more than tip your scale of expectation. It’s a pat on the back we receive–time and time again–from past clients who venture into our waters to re-embrace a part of themselves that, back in suburbia, may have floated away with the tide.

And we didn’t even get into the specifics of our all-women’s surf camps …


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