Costa Rica Yoga Retreat and Surf Camp

Body, Mind and Spirit: Yoga Instruction

Start each day with a deep, energizing breath and discover the many benefits of yoga. Our yoga studio was designed to embody the best that Costa Rica has to offer; an open-aired yoga dojo in a jungle setting with polished wooden floors that wrap around a Guanacaste tree, all overlooking the gorgeous Pacific Ocean. This spiritual space naturally captures the essence of yoga and will help you relax, restore and rejuvenate your body, mind and soul.

Our daily yoga classes are designed to enhance your surfing while working on core strength, stamina, flexibility, balance, and clarity of mind. Our certified yoga instructor, Cristina Kalyani, has been teaching yoga for 12 years and will base each week upon the experience level and desire of the group. Christina’s rejuvenating and revitalizing yoga classes consist of a variety of yoga practices including Vinyasa flow, Hatha, Swasthya, and Kundalini. Whether you’re a seasoned yogi or newcomer to the practice, you’ll soon discover the many benefits yoga has on your surfing and your life.

I am transformed! I can’t believe how much this experience -the place, the surfing, Cristina’s yoga, the pancakes!! -surpassed my expectations. I feel so relaxed and happy and renewed -this really has changed my outlook -I made new friends, chanted mantras, surfed, built fires. -It has been a gift. Thank you.” ~ Brigit

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osta Rica Yoga retreat and surf camp
Costa Rica Surf Vacation for Women
Costa Rica Yoga retreat
costa Rica Yoga retreat
costa Rica Yoga retreat
Costa Rica yoga retreat Surf Camp for Women