Surf and Yoga Retreat for Mothers and Daughters

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October 12, 2016
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Surf and Yoga Retreat for Mothers and Daughters

surf and yoga retreat

Surf and Yoga Retreat for Mothers and Daughters (a note from Tierza)

I started the Pura Vida Adventures Surf and Yoga Retreat business ten years before I had children. My idea was to create a women’s surf camp where ladies could form bonds through the fun of adventure, while also unwinding from their daily lives.

Year after year, mothers and daughters who have attended our camps and raved about the experience expressed that they’d like to share it with their family. Now that I’m a mother myself (and frankly it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done), I get it.

Mothers and Daughters Sharing Waves

I am in the thick of it with my two-and-a-half-year-old twin girls, Makayla and Zayda, and I am really excited for the day when the three of us can take a surf adventure together. I imagine riding waves, surrounded by a powerful group of women, hanging out free of distraction, and ultimately, just acting like girlfriends on a vacation. No mother-daughter rules. Just us, experiencing the same stoke that empowers our clients and makes them happy and thankful to be alive.

I always say everything is meant to be … Last year, we coincidentally had three mother-daughter pairs (who didn’t know each other) come to the same surf and yoga retreat. I was truly moved as each mother individually relayed to me how they loved the week and felt like their connection to their daughters was stronger.

On the last day of camp, I was kickin’ it with the daughters and asked them their thoughts about the experience. Each one of them said that it was nice to see their mom as a person and not just their “mom.” They shared that their busy lives don’t allow them time to just hang out. And they felt that the surf and yoga retreat granted them time to talk and have fun together.

That was my aha moment.

surf and yoga retreat for women

The First Official Mother-Daughter Retreat

This season will be the first year that Pura Vida Adventures offers a mother-daughter surf and yoga retreat. It’s the next natural step in the evolution of my company and myself. And I can’t wait! I am excited to see everyone surfing together, laughing around the table, and, who knows, even swimming in the moonlight. It’s the perfect space for mothers and daughters to abandon their roles and engage in something truly powerful. I cherish that feeling and I know you will too.

JOIN US APRIL 10-16, 2017


  1. Anne saimeri says:

    Is there one coming up in 2018? And we both have never surfed but we’re gymnasts and I paddle. And teach yoga. Would love to learn.

  2. Julie Price says:

    Is this still available

    • Tierza says:

      At the moment we are not hosting a mother/daughter retreat. Most of our retreats are women only, so we have a lot of mother/daughters come to our regular retreat. How old is your daughter?

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