Mai Tai Madness New Year’s Surf Camp!

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December 31, 2015
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February 19, 2016

Mai Tai Madness New Year’s Surf Camp!

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: We love it when new students come to camp and we get to introduce them to the amazing joy of surfing. The exhilaration of riding a warm tropical for the first time? Lounging stoked and tired, drinking a cocktail at sunset? Sittin’ in the sun at one of the most beautiful beaches in Costa Rica? WIN!

But when new students come to camp and we get to introduce them to surfing AND some of our amazing return alumni? This is a double win!


Last year we made some amazing friends at our famous New Year’s Eve camp, and we were beyond stoked that a bunch of them came back to end/begin a year with us again!

From jungle juice beach parties to spontaneous dance offs to crazy Montezuma waterfall trips to Pat Benatar sing-alongs, this year was EPIC.


maitaimike2Mai Tai Mike, met off the shuttle from the airport with a mai tai, of course!

surflove Gotta love the Pura Vida Adventures family.

thumbsup Helen: rockin’ the white water, double thumbs up like a BOSS.

clientlove As you can see, PVA owner Tierza REAALLLLY loves our super alumni 🙂

nye Getting crazy on New Year’s Eve!

babes Surfer babes!

glasswaves Riding glassy outside waves

junglejuice Sunset cocktails, don’t mind if we do! 

perezfam The family that surfs together, stays together! 🙂 

cubalibre A canned Cuba Libre makes any Costa Rican post-surf feast complete!


Mai tais, waves for days, yoga love, dancing on tables, and a pact to come back again NEXT year…this camp represents the love, community, and bonds that are formed at surf camp. 

We love you, NYE crew! Can’t wait to see you all next year. Wanna join us, dear blog reader? We want you in on the fun!

Next NYE camp dates will be posted soon, so contact us so we can email you the dates as soon as they are posted. Check out current dates and peruse our “Details” section that highlights the amazing surf instruction, yoga, food, accommodation, and extra fun that we have at camp! 




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