Top 5 Surf Retreat Life Lessons (From Those Who Came and Conquered)

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Top 5 Surf Retreat Life Lessons (From Those Who Came and Conquered)

Sunset at Pura Vida, a Costa Rica Surf Retreat

Let’s face it: when people come to surf retreats they know what to expect.

If you sign up for a Pura Vida week of “barefoot luxury” you know that you’re signing up for a surf retreat with awesome instruction from our professional surfer babes, cocktails on the sand at sunset, relaxing massages under palm trees, sun salutations on the ocean-front deck, delicious Costa Rican comida, and all the belly laughs a person can handle.

Having Fun at Pura Vida Adventures, a Costa Rica Surf Retreat

Does that sound like your jam? Then you should join our family of crazy dreamers and super stoked surf riders!

Beachfront Surf Retreat in Costa Rica

We have people come back to surf camp year after year because they know the quality of adventure they’ll find here. 

The people that come to our camps become more than friends…they become like FAMILY. And you trust your family, right? So in honor of our recent epic New Years Eve camp, here are some insightful, funny, helpful “Life Lesson” tips from the PVA Family.

1) It’s ALWAYS Mai Tai Time

Have you been wondering if there’s a specific time of the day to start drinking rum? Have you always wanted to end your exercise routine with a tropical cocktail? WHAT’S STOPPING YOU!?

drinking mai tais at Costa Rica surf retreat

At the New Year’s Eve surf retreat, our resident self-appointed “Head of Party Operations” Dr. Mai Tai Mike got the party started every day after surfing…and kept it going straight till sunset. His quote of the week was “Is it Mai Tai time yet?” But we all know the answer: YES—Doctor’s orders!

relaxing at Pura Vida Adventures, a Costa Rica surf retreat

2) We Get By with a Little Help from Our Friend…ly Surf Instructors!

Costa Rica surf retreat instructors

At PVA our goal is to make self-sufficient surfers—bold and brazen surfer babes and dudes who see their wave, paddle for it like a champion, and ride it straight on till morning.

lessons at Costa Rica surf retreat

learning to surf at pura vida adventures surf retreat

But, well, sometimes when you’re learning your arms get tired! When that happens we’ll always be there to give you a little extra nudge. Take it from Ann Z, epic ripper, who said: “Even when you’re giving it your best shot, sometimes you really just need that extra shove from a friend.”

surf retreat in costa rica

3) When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Massages

…Or get going to the hammocks.


Denise, our spa superstar, was the epitome of “treat yo’ self” by getting daily massages to work out her tired muscles after her long, epic surf sessions. Plus, she learned how to practice her Zen IN the water, as well.


Good Sport MVP’s Fi and Helen found a good mix of celebrating their triumphs in the waves…and then chilling on the sand. Sometimes, the magical Universe and Malpais just want you to CHILL.


As Helen put it: “The ocean always gives you what you need…not necessarily what you want. And even the smallest waves can do great things.”


4) Yes, You Really Can Become a Surfer

We had so many people who made big leaps this week! So many of our “Returning VIP’s” did epic waves on the “outside”!




5) Fear Not, Have Fun Instead

It’s easy to be intimidated by the surf journey, but one of the best lessons learned at surf camp is how to let go, have fun, and remember that everything flows as it should!



Like returning Superstar Jen tells us: “Leave your worries at home and have fun. They won’t help you paddle harder or pop up with more grace.”

Hasta luego–Until next time PVA family! We love you, we love surfing with you, and we can’t wait to enjoy more PURA VIDA (pure life) with you in the future.


The PVA Team

Are you interested in experiencing your own life lessons at one of our surf retreats? Whether alone or single, younger or older, seasoned surfer or excited newbie: We’re the Family for You. What’s stopping you? Send us an e-mail today to get any of your questions answered for your dream trip!

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