10 Mindful Gifts on Your Surfer Girl’s Christmas List

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10 Mindful Gifts on Your Surfer Girl’s Christmas List

Surfer Girl's Christmas List

If Black Friday didn’t inspire your Surfer Girl’s Christmas list, join the club.

At Pura Vida Adventures, we opted to #justsurf instead of battling the malls and traffic for mindless gifts that support big commerce (thank God there’s no mall in Costa Rica). This year, we’re giving a long, hard look at what serious surfer girls have on their Christmas list. And as covert spies for Santa, we narrowed it down to a few heartfelt concepts that inspire every surfer.

Surfing Art

Shop Small.

Honolulu based artist, Colleen Wilcox, creates paintings that feature a whimsical twist on nature’s beauty. As a swimmer, surfer, and tropical gardener, Colleen blends realism with stylized components from her imagination to render colorfully vibrant paintings based on her passions. Her artwork, bags, and footwear will transport any surfer girl to the place she loves most. colleenwilcoxart.com

Shop Consciously.

Pura Vida Bracelets (Oh, how we love the name!) takes the concept of artisanal commerce to the next level. Every friendship bracelet is hand crafted by artisans in Costa Rica, supporting the livelihood of their Central American families and sharing their nation’s pura vida (pure life) spirit through their colorful jewelry. Additionally, Pura Vida bracelets donates to over 190 charities, and gifts 1% of their annual revenue to worldwide environmental organizations. puravidabracelets.com

natural skincare

Shop Healthy.

Limelight by Alcone makes spa-quality botanical skincare products for women who are concerned about preserving and enhancing their complexion. The company analyzes the health impact of every ingredient they use (like anti-oxidant rich sea algae, skin firming mushroom extracts, and moisture-packed seed oils). If they wouldn’t put it on their daughters, they don’t add it to the line. Surprise your surfer girl (or yourself) with a pampering just-out-of-the-water treatment from one of Limelight’s serums, masks, moisturizers, or oils. limelightbyalcone.com

Shop Minimalist.

Surfer girls don’t like clutter. In a perfect world, all they would need is a bikini, some sunblock, and their board. So give a gift that won’t just sit around on her shelf. One that, instead, she can use to track swell, geek out on weather patterns, and plan her next surf odyssey (quite possibly a Pura Vida Adventures retreat). A subscription to Surfline will allow here to do all that and more! With surf forecasts, news, travel discounts, and gear reviews, Surfline will keep your gal headed down the line. surfline.com

surfing swimwear

Shop Family.

Not only is Mona Swimwear form-flattering and fashion-forward, but owner and founder, Andy Picasso is also part of the Pura Vida Adventures family. A native of Argentina, Andy is one of our top instructors at the camp. Andy’s suits are surfer designed, so you can assure they won’t leave you hanging with an unexpected waterborne wardrobe malfunction. Plus when you shop Mona, you’re supporting Andy’s young family and her new arrival of a baby boy! facebook.com/monabeachlife/?fref=ts  

Shop Fit.

Mark Cuban was onto something when he made the Shark Tank investment in Surfset Fitness. Now this fitness craze is not only catching on in surf-centric locations, but it’s also challenging people to rethink their traditional workout. Surfset classes are conducted on a stabilized in-studio surfboard that mimics the movement you would have in the water. Every class is designed to strengthen the core, burn fat, and tone muscle—it’s the full meal deal. Sign your surfer girl up for an off-season workout that’s addicting. surfsetfitness.com

surftech surfboards

Shop Environment.

Did you know that surfboards made of traditional polyurethane foam blanks, fiberglass, and polyester resins are highly toxic to the shaper? Enter Surftech Surfboards–made from less-hazardous epoxy resins and recycled polystyrene blanks. Epoxy boards have revolutionized surfboard technology by offering an environmentally conscious product, as well as a lighter and more durable ride. At Pura Vida Adventures Surf Retreats, no one enters the water without a Surftech board in tow! So if she’s in the market for a new board, get her the best—a gift that keeps on giving to both her and the environment. surftech.com

Shop Inspiration.

Surfer girls need down days too. So when Mother Nature isn’t cooperating, kickin’ it on the couch is always an option. But why not turn her lazy days into days filled with inspiration? All-female surf movies, like the ones listed here in Surfer Today, are void of both testosterone and attitude, yet filled with inspiring stories of water equality and soulfulness. Give your girl the chance to connect on-screen with friendly faces and familiar stories, while she’s sipping hot cocoa and lounging in her slippers.

Shop Necessity.

Every surfer girl needs wax. It’s comes second only to sunblock. But don’t just spring for any mass-produced block. Environmentally-friendly Matunas Surf Wax is produced in small batches by passionate surfers who grow the ingredients on their own family farm. Matunas’ 100 percent natural eco-surf wax is non-toxic, biodegradable, and performs better then most paraffin and chemical waxes on the market. And since this surf necessity comes in direct contact with her skin, your surfer girl needs the best! matunasco.com

Shop Adventure.

In the dead of winter, most surfer girls have their next adventure on the brain. So why not gift her something to look forward to, once the holiday celebration has passed. A gift certificate to Pura Vida Adventures really is THE BEST gift a girl could ask for! And the transformative, five-star experience she’ll have (in addition to the new best friends she will make) will continue to enlighten her perspective long after the tinsel is pulled from the tree. Contact one of our friendly elves who will make her wish come true. You won’t regret it!

Well—you know where we’ll be on Christmas morning. For surfer girls, dawn patrol always precedes the family festivities. But we’ll be back before you’re even out of your jammies. Promise! And who knows, if the surf is good, we might just see Santa in the lineup.

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