Spa at the Beach

You’ll definitely want to take advantage of the peace and tranquility of our all-inclusive Costa Rica surf resort. Our beachfront lounge area is a great place to drift into your book, re-cap your morning’s surf experience or just take a mid-day siesta. Why not float in the oceanfront pool while soaking up the sun, or take a walk down the sandy beaches in some of the most breath-taking coastline in Costa Rica? At sunset, witness the daiquiri-orange sun melting into the watery horizon; just another day in paradise.

Relax with a Massage

Enjoy your one-hour private massage by a professional therapist at the hotel’s “Spa Natural”. During your stay you might want to indulge in Spa Natural’s other services such as wraps, facials, manicures, and pedicures. The Spa carefully hand prepares its own wraps, exfoliations, and aromatherapy scents from fresh natural ingredients for your divine pleasure. Try the fresh cucumber facial mask, peppermint foot reflexology, healing vitamin E massage or a “Sunburn Soother”: a cooling aloe, cucumber, and lavender wrap!

You guys & gals totally rock! We loved every minute here and you made us feel completely pampered. We’ll be back and we’ll send our friends.” ~ Michelle & Mel

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