Galloping in Costa Rica
July 9, 2014
No Boys Allowed. Women Only!
July 19, 2014


I just watched the Facebook post Always #LikeAGirl. The video moved me so much and gave me chills that I felt compelled to write my feelings to all of you on this subject.

I started Pura Vida Adventures 10 years ago to inspire and empower women to try a new sport and come together as a community. The reason I wanted an all women’s surf camp is because I believe women are graceful, beautiful and love to share their experiences with each other. Sharing is such an amazing part of the female community and this is what I love about being a women or acting like a girl. We show vulnerability and are willing to laugh at ourselves and be excited for our successes.

We as women need to demonstrate to our daughters and the younger generation that being a girl and acting like a girl is awesome and is something to proud of. We are not boys, so we need to embrace our femininity and girlishness, and love who we are.

I have never met a woman who wanted to be a boy, so why is acting like a girl so negative? Because we have also bought into this notion, we have the power to reverse it by making it into a very positive statement. So the next time someone says you are “acting like a girl,” say…Thank you. I know. Isn’t that wonderful!

And that is how we change perception.


  1. Andrea Salmi says:

    Tierza, you are RIGHT ON! You, and PVA, have done so much to show women/girls that “surfing like a girl” means strong, powerful, fearless, beautiful and STEEZY (style and ease). Coming to your camps has meant so much to me and my girls. At our house, “surf like a girl” is the hugest compliment. Rock on!

    • tierza says:

      Andrea, I feel so fortunate to have meet you and your girls. You have also been an inspiration to me on how to raise amazing girls to become women. Now that I am a mother, I use you as my role model, because your girls are confident, beautiful people and I feel like have fostered that in them. Miss the Salmi girls. Hopefully we will see you back in PVA land soon.

  2. Susan says:

    Just watched this with my 8 year old daughter, who is the only girl player in our town’s baseball little league. She is the fastest one out there and is a killer at first base. We don’t plan on ever telling her she can’t do whatever she sets her mind to accomplish. Right now she wants to be a “space scientist”. I think that’s awesome.

  3. Gilda says:

    Bravo Tierza, well said! We all have the ability to be strong and courageous human beings.

  4. Kayla Power says:

    This was a great clip and I sent it to my nieces. Thanks 🙂

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