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Costa Rica Surf Camp

You can’t choose your family, so the saying goes, but you can choose to surround yourself with rad women on a Pura Vida Adventures retreat. One of the best things about our surf and yoga camp is the like-minded people you will meet.

We understand that it can be pretty intimidating to sign up for a vacation with people you’ve never met before, but fear not! Learning to surf is a very bonding experience and our campers are sharing stories and cheering each other on in no time at all.

Our most recent camp (10 ladies, 8 of whom were solo travelers) really embraced the camaraderie vibe, so we decided to showcase some of their high capers and shenanigans. Here’s camper Nikki kicking things off before the Welcome Meeting…

During the camp Nikki became known as ‘Shenanigans Instigator’, but it wasn’t like the others needed much encouraging. On Day 3 campers were planning to stay on the lime and sodas, but that didn’t last long when they discovered it was 2 for 1 at the bar…

Someone commented that night that they were a ‘drinking group with a surf problem’. But it wasn’t all just high jinx. This group surfed hard and played hard.

By the end of the week eight out of ten of the students were surfing the unbroken green waves at one of our favorite surf spots. Cabuya is long, gentle, right hand point break which is perfect for beginners and intermediate surfers. Karen from Southern California has been surfing for the last ten years; Cabuya was the perfect place for her to practice her cross stepping…

Everyone had a memorable time on that last day, here we all are before applying our warrior zinc…

We think we offer a very special experience to our clients, but don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what Michelle C had to say after last week’s Costa Rica surf camp….

“For a whole week I got to eat delicious food, spend time in hammocks on a beautiful beach, drink as much as I wanted, surf my butt off, get in touch w/my inner Yogi, meet so many incredibly smart, fun, sweet, amazing, ripped women AND lost 2.5 lbs??? BEST. VACATION. EVER.”

And we got this love note from Courtney…

“Pura Vida is absolutely top notch, from the overall experience and Sara’s amazing organization and welcoming presence, to the genuinely impressive coaching skill set of all the instructors. It is not at all easy to pull something like this off, much less in a completely different country and culture. I had an amazing time, made some lifelong friends, and now have yet another sport to be completely addicted to! I needed a life-changing experience like this right now, and you all helped make it happen. For that, thank you so much.”

So well done to last week’s campers. You managed to find the perfect balance between tequila shots and warrior one, acai bowls and icecream, hammock based chats and long right handers. For that, we salute you!


  1. Kristie Meloney says:

    How do we start a WhatsApp convo with the campers for the week of July 8!!!! I’m counting down the days and can’t wait to meet everyone!

    • Tierza says:

      We just started the WhatsApp group this year and it is going off like wildfire. The girls from this camp are still communicating and the camp was 3 weeks ago. We will be starting your group right before your camp. We still have people signing up…so it should be a super fun week.

  2. Nathalie says:

    Fabulous post!! Feels so good to read it and Ladies, this is all so true, fear not: this is life changing experience!

    Thank you Pura vida adventures, their amazing instructors and Sara, Tierza and BIg Up + kisses to all the kookbitches out there and ‘mine’ in particular (Nikki, Pepper, Courtney, Karen, Coco, Michele, Jen, Carolyn, Katherine but also Casey, Kari, Steph, Mara, Jody, Sheila):-)

    • Tierza says:

      We need to showcase your amazing friendship that started during this camp. It makes us so happy when strong bonds are made during a week with us. We hope to see you for Round 3 Nathalie.

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