Magical Moments Viewed Through the Lens

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April 16, 2014
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April 30, 2014

Magical Moments Viewed Through the Lens

As you can tell from our previous post on Ali Kaukas, we are not only blessed with an abundance of sun, surf, and fun in Santa Teresa, but also with a slew of talented photographers.  One such woman is Jennifer Harter, a homegrown Costa Rican talent.

Jen, a surfer girl and photographer, was born and raised in San Jose.  In 2002, she moved to Santa Teresa and fell in love with beach life.  And, aside from completing her photography degree in Barcelona, she has lived here ever since.

Jen specializes in surf and wedding photography, but also produces spectacular landscape shots. Her love of the ocean and of Latin America is evident in her work.

santa teresa 6 copy
In her words…

“The ocean is my love and photography is my passion. Combining them has allowed me to live the life I adore. Through my images I try to vividly capture miraculous, magical living moments by synchronizing my eyes, my mind, and, most importantly, my heart. As a surfer I´ve learned that splendor and challenge comes from mastering the art of improvisation, while playing with the ever-changing universe.

… I try to share magical and unique moments as I see them. I feel the love of people coming together. I witness a stunning show of dancing light shimmering on moving waters. I see the freedom of beach living and being in communion with nature. And I see the beauty in life´s most sacred celebrations of love.”

santa teresa 5 copy

It was hard to decide which of Jen’s beautiful photos to show you—each of her images presents something different, but all of them capture magic that makes us all love Costa Rica.  Go to Jen’s website and take a look for yourself.

santa teresa 1

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  1. Rodri says:

    I have never been to Costa Rica before, but that does look fabouuls.My mom is a travel agent so I could definitely ask her what excursions she would advise!

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