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March 2, 2017
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May 10, 2017

Leashes for Locals Charity

Your Next Surf & Yoga Retreat In Costa Rica

Here in Santa Teresa we are lucky to introduce our students to some of the best surf in Costa Rica—in an amazing spot that has been called one of the world’s top ten beaches! We love the waves here, the people, and the community. We’re so stoked to get to share the surf with the rippers in the lineup from town, and we want to support them!

That’s why we’re starting Leashes for Locals: an on-going supply drive to provide leashes, wax, and sunscreen for the kids in the community.

Showing Gratitude by Giving Back to the Locals

If you’re coming to visit us for a surf and yoga adventure and want to give something back to the lovely place that will give you some amazing waves, consider stashing an extra leash, sunscreen, or a couple of bars of wax in your suitcase.

We’ll collect anything you bring and Michelle, one of our local surf instructors, will redistribute it to the ticos and ticas taking charge in the lineup.


Where can I go to purchase these items? This is a great opportunity to visit your local surf shop! If there isn’t one around you, you can always use Amazon for leashes, wax and sunscreen.

What kind of sunscreen should I buy? Basically anything for surfers—waterproof,
sweatproof, wipeout proof (ok, maybe that’s not an option). Any sunscreens like zinc, 30+, or specific sport brands will be great!

What size leash should I buy? 6 feet leashes are the best bet!

What kind of wax should I get? We prefer this brand Sticky Bumps but any kind of warm water wax will do the job wonderfully.

Is there anything else I can bring? Well, look at you wanting to go all out for these kids! You’re the best. We’ll also take rash guards, fins, and basically anything surf-related you want to throw in your suitcase.

Muchisimas gracias, you superstars!


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