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June 25, 2015
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30-Day Pop-up Challenge!

Beginner surfers often ask me what is the #1 piece of advice I can give them as they continue to improve on their surfing journey. They usually don’t like the answer. They look at me like I’m a doctor who just told them to eat more spinach for better health.

So what is this unsavory piece of advice? Drum roll please, prepare for lift off, get ready to drink the Kool-aid, because here is the best thing you can do for your surfing: practice the pop-up on dry land as often as possible. 


Yes: it’s hard. Yes, it’s repetitive. Yes, it’s perceived as boring. And, no, it doesn’t compare to the thrill of surfing. But practicing your pop-ups on dry land will pay dividends next time you get in the water! The muscle memory you form on land for a quick and nimble pop-up will translate into quick and nimble pop-ups on the waves. Better pop-ups = better surfing!

To make it more fun we’re initiating the Pura Vida Adventures 30 day Pop-up Challenge.

On day 1 we’ll start by doing 1 pop-up; then on day 2, 2 pop-ups; day 3 we’ll all rock out 3 pop-ups …. you get the idea. We’ll continue doing this for 30 days and on the last day you and other PVA surfers will be firing out 30 pop-ups!

To get started and to make sure you have proper technique, watch our “How to Surf” Video Series on the Pop-up. We show you two different techniques in this video. Choose one that best suits your ability and just go for it!

Whether you’re a seasoned surfer or a newbie who hasn’t touched a board but is dreaming of a Costa Rican surf adventure with us, this pop-up challenge will get you primed and ready for ripping. 

There are no rules.  You can do the pop-ups throughout the day, or all in one go.  I always like to play upbeat workout music, but you could also do it while playing surf movies for added motivation–whatever rocks your boat.  You’ll soon find that you’ve got so much more strength than you imagined!


Our Youtube channel is ever evolving and always provides great surfing tips, so make sure subscribe to our Youtube Channel to stay up-to-date on our latest videos. 

— Helen, PVA Instructor


  1. Zabeth Billingham says:

    Great idea! I’m in!
    I try to do 10 a day (when I remember)
    Thanks Helen!

  2. Ricki Bedol -Collins says:

    Love it! I am already behind… what else is new?
    I’ll just jump right in and start off by doing 3 tomorrow, the third..miss you all.

  3. Laura says:

    I’m in started on the 1st, yahoo!!! Better surfing here I come !!!!

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