Get Fit for Surfing! Check Out Our New Yoga for Surfers Videos on YouTube

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October 14, 2020
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Get Fit for Surfing! Check Out Our New Yoga for Surfers Videos on YouTube

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If you’re dreaming of a surf vacation with Pura Vida Adventures in 2021 (yes, we are open!), you can now get fit and inspired for this amazing sport from the comfort of your living room. This month, we’re debuting 4 awesome new Yoga for Surfers videos on the Pura Vida Adventures YouTube channel, hosted by our retreat yoga master, Cristina Kalyani.

Filmed in stunning locations around the Pura Vida retreat hometown of Santa Teresa, Costa Rica, these gentle videos are for all levels of yogis and surfers (and even non-surfers or first-time yogis too). The topics have been designed with our Costa Rica surf and yoga retreat guests in mind, based on their experiences learning the sport, and include core strength, neck and shoulder stretches, flexibility, and breathing exercises.

If you’ve met Cristina, you know that her knowledgeable method of instruction is a grounding, beautiful experience for anyone on their yoga mat. Cristina has used yoga for many years to help surfers achieve better results in the water – teaching them to feel more present and in control on a surfboard, and at ease in the ocean. Born on the surfing island of Florianópolis in Brazil, Cristina learned to surf at age 18, when the women in her hometown were just beginning to ride surfboards. After living and traveling all over the world, she made her home in Costa Rica more than a decade ago, where she continues to surf the warm waves of our local breaks.

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With some challenging winter months ahead, and many of us still stuck at home, we knew that now was the perfect time to ask Cristina for some fresh inspiration. Whether surfing is on the agenda for you in the new year, or you just need to get moving and feeling good, our Yoga for Surfers videos will take you to that happy place.

Ready to dive in? If you want to activate those abdominals that are key to successfully paddling and popping up on a surfboard (and staying there), our Core Strength for Surfers video was made for you. While you’re there, enjoy a little peek into Cristina’s mountainside home in Costa Rica, where this video was filmed. Yes, this insane view is from her house!

Connecting to your breath is also an excellent way to prepare your body (and mind) for surfing. And it just feels amazing. Cristina has recently been hosting in-demand breathwork classes and workshops in Costa Rica, and has compiled the best exercises for ocean-lovers in her Breathing Practice for Surfers video.

Surfers love breathwork exercises because it helps them strengthen their lungs for better performance in the waves, while also improving their overall wellbeing. It may take some stepping outside of your comfort zone, but we promise that the feeling is well worth it! Our founder, Tierza, absolutely loves breath work and is excited for this opportunity to share it with our Pura Vida community. Give it a try!

Ready for more? Head on over to the Pura Vida Adventures YouTube channel to see our full set of Yoga for Surfers videos (and more coming soon!).

Our life-changing surf and yoga retreat in Costa Rica is now open, and we’re hosting some amazing retreats in 2021. Click here to find out more.

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