Surfing 101 ~ “How to Surf” Video Series

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Surfing 101 ~ “How to Surf” Video Series

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We cannot lie. There’s no point beating around the bush. Learning to surf properly is hard, but it’s definitely worth the effort. We can attest to this, because it has changed our lives in such a positive way that now we are all salty, smiling surf chicas.

But if you get proper instruction, you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve. At Pura Vida Adventures we believe that anyone can learn to surf. You don’t need abs of steel or weightlifter shoulders, you just need to give it a go.

Our head surf instructor, Helen, has put together a series of “Learn to Surf” videos to help you refine your surfing skills, become a better surfer and to get women stoked on the sport. Here are the first three videos to kick things off, and there’s plenty more to come. Please subscribe to our Youtube Channel, so you will be up to date on our latest videos.

The Pop Up
So let’s start with the most important maneuver – the pop up. Get this right and you’ll be charging on the waves in no time…

Surfing Stance
Next you want to make sure that you’ve got a good surfing stance, in this video Helen stresses the importance of keeping your cherries in your basket…

And the final installment for today is everyone’s favorite – paddling. Remember that paddling is your passport to better waves, and good technique beats muscle power…

If that’s got you stoked to try out surfing then check out our retreat schedule for the Fall 2017 and Spring 2018 season.

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