What to Wear: Surf Bikinis or One-Piece Suits?

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What to Wear: Surf Bikinis or One-Piece Suits?

There are lots of bikini brands on the market that advertise their “surf bikinis.”  Some of these so-called “surf bikinis” do work (remain in place even during the worst wipeouts), but others are only good for wearing on the beach.

That’s why more and more ladies are favoring the one-piece bathing suit over the surf bikini.  They are, of course, very practical in the water (you don’t have to worry about losing your bottoms or flashing the lineup); but they can also be cute and classy.

Pura Vida Adventures team member and Argentina native, Andy, is one of the many local surfer girls that rocks the one-piece swimsuit.  She has an impressive collection that she has built up through her travels.  Recently, I asked her about her extensive collection:

“I love this type of swimsuit. I won’t leave any place I visit if I don’t buy a one-piece first!  I love cool brands like Volcom, but I also love to get them at garage sales. These [garage sale finds] are my favorites. I [also] have some [swimsuit] designer friends who send me models to test for surfing.”

Haven’t tried the one-piece yet? You should.  Stay tuned…our summer bikini review will be coming soon!

Andy surfing Puerto Escondito. There's a wave that will test your surf wardrobe!

Andy surfing Puerto Escondido. There’s a wave that will test your surf wardrobe!


  1. Andrea Salmi says:

    We Salmi women love to rock the bikini when we surf. You know how some people obsess about shoes? We obsess about bikinis! Since all of us are competitive swimmers we spend tons of time in bathing suits and the best one we have found for everything is Jolyn. They are designed for competitive swimmers and waterpolo players but it is easy to wear them for everything. They are adjustable, stay in place and are super cute. Check them out on their website as they are not available anywhere else. The best days are bikini days! Big aloha from Andrea, Isabella and Ava

  2. Josie says:

    I’ve seen the Jolyn bikinis – and they do one-pieces too. I love the colors and the prints that they do!

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