The Life-Changing Magic of Costa Rica

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April 9, 2019
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The Life-Changing Magic of Costa Rica


We’re all looking for a little change from time to time. Some of us are stuck in our same old routines, some of us want to make the leap to something better but don’t know how, and some of us need to conquer our fears to do that BIG thing we are meant to do.

One thing is for sure: we can all find inspiration from seeing other people change their lives.

Which is why we’ve decided to introduce a new monthly series of amazing transformation stories from the PVA family–people who have come to stay with us here in Costa Rica and found the magic to change their jobs, their relationships, their dreams, and even their entire lives!

Ready to get inspired? LET’S DO THIS!




Rebecca first came to Pura Vida Adventures surf and yoga retreats in 2009, and has come back EIGHT TIMES SINCE THEN! (If that isn’t a testament to the power of the Pura Vida Adventures community and the magic of our town Santa Teresa, we don’t know what is!)

After falling in love with yoga as a teenager (Rebecca says she was trying to avoid high school phys ed and instead ended up in yoga classes “alongside bearded farting men and grandmas in sweats”), this DC-living former software developer first ditched her conventional career in IT to create a compelling business as a yoga instructor in our nation’s capital.



But it wasn’t till Rebecca came to her first PVA that she added another true love to her life...surfing.


“Surfing was pretty much an instant addiction for me, from that very first camp! It was just so much fun, I just kept coming back for more.”


Rebecca was so enthralled with the Pura Vida vibe of Costa Rica that she came to camp eight times…and finally decided to move here. So she took her 11 years of yoga teaching experience, her approachable style that mentions bodily flatulence in class (hey, it happens), and her endearing sense of humor (see the previous statement), and decided to create a life and a business for herself in the town she fell in love with.



Still, though she was armed with amazing abilities and the confidence to make the leap, Rebecca credits surfing for giving her the extra push to move her dreams forward.

“The biggest thing surfing did for me when I moved here was get me UN-STUCK from the life I was in before– where I kept trying to move forward, move forward, and it was kind of like paddling in the impact zone. I just felt like I wasn’t making progress. And now that I’m here and I’ve broken free of that stuck-ness I feel like whether I stay here or whether I move on to a new place, I’ll always have that ability to do that–to make that change and move forward…really, to ride the wave!”



We couldn’t agree more! Surfing can empower you in bigger and better ways than you could ever imagine.

Are you ready to UN-STUCK yourself and get that extra small push you need to make BIG changes happen? Join us on one of our upcoming all-inclusive surf and yoga retreats!

And stay tuned for next month when we feature a very special Pura Vida crew member who moved from the world of cornfields to the land of coconuts to create an unconventional life that fills her soul…and says she felt ZERO fear about the move! (We told you, it’s the magic of Costa Rica!) 

Want more details about the dream business Rebecca started? Check it out here!


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