Arpita’s Story

When I had found out I won the Pura Vida Adventures surf trip I couldn’t believe it! It wasn’t until I arrived and saw the beachside bungalows that it hit me that this was actually real. I knew this would be a great trip but the experience ended up being beyond words.

I was so excited that I won the trip, but realized if I wanted to learn to surf it would probably be a good idea to learn how to swim first.  I’m being serious! I’ve always wished I knew how to swim but never had a real reason to learn. Winning this trip gave me that reason, and so the first step of my adventure began. I started swimming lessons about two and half months before I came to surf camp. To get me prepared, we practiced swimming, treading water and diving underwater, which freaked me out, but I did it!

From the moment I arrived the energy was so positive. The images were like out of a movie, horses on the beach, with the sun and waves in the background. The first night, I met our awesome surf instructors, Heather and Brett, resident expert Benny, and the other incredible women at camp. It was amazing to hear everyone’s life stories and how they ended up in Costa Rica.

Our days would start with yoga by the beach, becoming balanced while listening to ocean waters; followed by a fabulous breakfast and smoothies with fresh papaya, mango, and pineapple; then surfing with a combo of adrenaline and zen; a relaxing afternoon of hammock time with a tropical cocktail or a massage if you choose; finally, a delicious dinner with great conversation and drinks flowing. Ahhh bliss!!

The best moment was the first time I caught a solid wave. Amazing!!! I couldn’t believe it. I used to be scared of water above my head, and somehow here I was actually surfing and loving it!! It still gives me chills. After that, I was like, “bring it on”, I can do anything. In one day, I went surfing, paddled out into deep waters (which was the most terrifying for me), and zip lining (yes I also have a slight fear of heights). There is nothing like facing your fears. It’s incredibly empowering to conquer two sports at once.  I feel like one fed into the other.  It’s strange because surfing made the water fun for me, where as before it was something that intimidated me.  It has actually made me want to continue to be in the water and continue swimming.

This adventure was revitalizing, relaxing, and healing all in one. It went far beyond my expectations. If someone asked me to plan my dream vacation I couldn’t have done it as well. I’m a changed person since this trip and have come back a far better person. I wish I could share this experience with everyone. I have learned you can do anything you want. So make the time and find a way to go to Pura Vida Adventures. What you will leave with is priceless.

Pictures Of Guests At Costa Rica Surf Camp