Pura Vida Vibe~A Blog is Born!

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February 20, 2014

Pura Vida Vibe~A Blog is Born!

pura vida- n. pure life; full of life; real living
vibe – n. the atmosphere of a place as communicated to and felt by others.

by Tierza Eichner

Swinging in my hammock, I come up with the best ideas for our new blog: narratives on characters in our little Costa Rican village, amazing client stories, my love for Costa Rica–the beauty, the culture, and the pace of life–my absolute passion and love for the sport of surfing, how yoga keeps me centered in times of turmoil, and the list goes on… Stories, upon stories brew in my brain, but I never put them to ink.

I am what you call a “lazy entrepreneur.” I prefer surfing, chatting, laying in the hammock, and hanging out on the beach to writing. I knew these stories needed an outlet, but I needed someone to tell them FOR me.

Enter Josie Green, our new surf camp manager and blog writer. When we hired her, I thought to myself, “she will be the one to get this blog going.” It also dawned on me that one of our surf instructors, Helen Bowditch, used to write for the BBC (we have such great talent at Pura Vida Adventures–it blows me away!). Okay, you can say I’m little daft, but eventually I came around!


So we crafted this blog with you in mind. We’re not just here to tell you all about us, how much fun our retreats are, and why you should come. But rather, we hope our words inspire and lend another perspective, when the daily bump-and-grind gets too hectic. We’d like you to kick back in your hammock too, even if it’s an imaginary one, and take a glimpse into our crazy Pura Vida world.

Please give us your feedback in the comment box below or contact us. What’s your story? What you would like to hear? We’d love to gain inspiration from you.

Now back to hammock time! I’m exhausted.


  1. Niqui says:

    Yes! this is awesome!!! :))

  2. suzanne stack says:

    haha love it.
    Superb debut of the pura vida blog!

  3. Dave Goodman says:

    Looks great! Can you turn on or create an RSS newsfeed so I can read the blog with Feedly or another newsreader? Thanks!

  4. Judy Rowe says:

    Love it – Look forward to reading more. Roar sista roar- tell ya story

  5. Madeleine says:

    I started reading the blog from the latest post to this one and I fell more and more in love with all of it, the inspiring amazing texts, pictures, people and attitudes- love it! Reading this blog created a wonderful and excited feeling in me, I got so inspired and I look forward to reading more. Thank you! Back to the hammock, I actually have one my self at home 🙂 I live in an apartment in the city of stockholm, Sweden, doing what I can to create a relaxed and simple way of living- pura vida and lots of love, Madeleine

    • tierza says:

      I am so glad that you like the blog! I think creating your own oasis in your home is important. I love that you have a hammock in your apartment. It is nice to swing after a hectic day. I hope we keep on inspiring you!

  6. Marlynn says:

    Your blog is amazing.

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