How To Surf: The Duck Dive Video

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How To Surf: The Duck Dive Video

Are you stuck in duck dive hell?  Well come on in!  That’s it.  Take you shoes off.  Shut the door! (we weren’t born in a barn you know).  You’re in the right place if you’re struggling with the duck dive, because the duck dive is really flippin’ difficult and there’s nothing worse than getting it wrong and being dragged back towards the beach like you’re falling down an elevator shaft.

In this video, surf instructor Helen outlines the different duck dives you should use for small, medium and massive waves; although tbh most of the waves you will encounter at our Costa Rica surf and yoga camp are in the small to medium category.  If you’re struggling with the ‘knee only technique’, then we’d highly recommend the double whammy ‘knee and foot’ technique.    Many of our students have described it as “life changing”.

Also if you like the Salt n Pepa song ‘Push It’ you’re in for an absolute treat.  It turns out that the 80s rap / hip hop duo had a lot to say about the duck dive.  So get your swimming outfit on because we’re getting in the pool…

Anything that is worth learning is going to be difficult, and the duck dive is no exception.  But get the technique right, and you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve.  Here’s a recap of the 4 phases of the duck dive…

  1. the approach – feel the need, the need for speed.
  2. sink the board – ah push it, push it real good.
  3. sink the body – drop it like it’s hot
  4. the scoop – time this right and you can tap into the upwards motion at the back of the wave.  Then get back on your sweet spot of the surfboard and resume paddling.

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