Yoga and Your Transformational Week

There are many definitions for the word yoga. Yoga in Sanskrit means “union”. Yoga is a science, art, philosophy, psychology and a way of living in harmony with nature. It’s the process in which we harmoniously “unite” the body, mind and spirit to achieve the balance inherent in each of us.

We have developed a transformational yoga program that will help awaken the god/goddess within you. Together we’ll explore different types of yoga practices; hike through the jungle to awaken your senses; share delicious, gourmet cuisine to nourish your soul; relish in a one-hour massage to soothe you; and leave feeling revitalized, refreshed, lighter, happier and renewed.

“My ultimate wish is that each person gets inspired by this retreat and expands their yoga practice not just here on the yoga deck, but out into their everyday life generating more awareness in every word, thought, and action; creating an environment replete of love, compassion, patience, benevolence, and tolerance. In this way, every being is touched by your light. From your light more light is expanded, radiating towards others from generation to generation.” – Kalyani ~ Retreat Yoga Master

Transformational Yoga Classes

We understand that each person comes to our retreat with his or her own unique body and different level of yoga experience. Yoga master Kalyani has carefully designed a weeklong transformational yoga program to help guide you towards a more true, beautiful you.

The core of our retreats is twice-daily yoga classes held in our sacred yoga dojo at the beautiful Hotel Tropico Latino. Kalyani infuses various types of yoga practices; Vinyasa flow, Hatha, Swasthya, and Kundalini. She uses a powerful combination of asansas (positions), pranyama (breathing), mantras, yoga theory, relaxation techniques and meditation to help you dissolve your fears, break old patterns, release stress and come to a place of inner strength and joy.

Kalyani’s enthusiasm and love of yoga is inspiring and her infusion of humor lets you know that personal growth can be fun too. Her playful, graceful manner and profound knowledge of yoga help to inspire the mind, uplift the heart, and soothe the soul in every single class. As one described, “Her knowledge and personal perfection of yoga is conveyed in a very genuine and playful practice in her class. She cares deeply about guiding her students towards greater excellence in yogic teaching and her gift in this manner is highly intuitive coupled with a deep wisdom of yoga practice and philosophy.” (Ric Scalzo, President & Founder of Gaia Herbs)

Our Yoga Dojo

With the sound of the surf only a stone’s throw away, it’s easy to relax on your mat in the serenity of the dojo. This spiritual space naturally captures the essence of yoga, helping restore and rejuvenate your body, mind and soul. The open-aired studio is a thoughtful creation of sacred space set in natural tropical gardens. Looking out from the dojo you are surrounded by the soft shade of coconut palms and almond trees. The warm weather, beautiful beaches, and epic sunsets create a peaceful current to relax yourself in.



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