Surf Camp: Why we Celebrate Women in the Waves

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Surf Camp: Why we Celebrate Women in the Waves

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Women supporting women in the waves is what we are all about!

Surfing. The magical experience of sliding across the water on a board. This pastime began in Hawaii and was one that men and women of all ages enjoyed. While the sport became male-dominated as time progressed, the current generation of female surfers has respect and more equal footing in the surfing world than previous generations. Today’s visibility of respected female surfers may be why the number of women trying surfing as a sport is growing. We celebrate seeing more women in the waves!

Women Are Strong

Female Surfers Have Mental and Physical Strength

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A great surfer doesn’t come about by pure physical strength, speed or explosiveness.  Strength helps for sure, but becoming a surfer comes from hard work, perseverance and developing skills. Surfing can be intimidating and challenging, and women don’t always see themselves reflected in a lineup of younger, buff guys. But women have the mental and physical strength to rise to the challenge and take on the steep surfing learning curve. No matter your age, body type, or gender, as long as you learn to read a wave, paddle into it, then maneuver your board once you’ve popped up, you can surf.

Women Have Finesse and Style 

Women in the Waves Celebrate Surfing as an Art Form

Learning style and strength surfing in Costa Rica.

Style and strength are key components of becoming a skilled surfer.

It’s clear both sexes have different styles, and we love to see different types of surf in the water. While both men and women have strength and style, if we were to generalize, we could say men regularly use power and strength to dominate the waves. Conversely, women may often use technical skills and finesse to charge the waves. At Pura Vida Adventures, we acknowledge that neither style is better and celebrate the individuality everyone brings to surfing.

Women Excel at Communication and Sportsmanship

Female Surfers Champion Each Other In the Line-Up

These days, there is camaraderie and support among female surfers. Groups of women surf together, push each other mentally and physically, and celebrate each other’s wins. They advocate for other female surfers instead of excluding them or making them the competition.

Surf etiquette is essential when surfing; women are great about being aware of others around them, communicating their intentions and respecting fellow surfers. We rarely see women snake waves or intentionally drop in on other surfers. The more women in the line-up, the better!

Women are Inspiring

Some of the Best Surfers in the World are Women

Stephanie Gilmore is a seven-time world champion in surfing, an Olympian, and an inspiration to surfers worldwide. She has mastered the art of skillful precision and technique, performing feats most of us only dream of.

Brisa Hennessy is a Costa Rican surfer who has earned one of the top positions in the WSL. This athlete often shares that she strives to live in the now and embrace the moment, rather than the past and future. She tries to embrace her own inner power and thinks that is the key to success. We couldn’t agree more!

Bethany Hamilton is a household name, one of the few surfers that even non-surfers know about and celebrate. Her experience of losing an arm during a shark attack, re-learning to surf with one arm and then progressing to be competitive among the top-ranked surfers in the world is nothing short of inspirational.

Learn to surf Costa Rica

We love surfing with other women!

Cheers to the Women who are Stoked to Surf

At surf camp, we celebrate women in the waves

At Pura Vida Adventures, we have created a space for women to surf in a safe, supportive environment. We gently push women slightly out of their comfort zones, guided and championed by our expert surf instructors. We cheer for and high-five and celebrate every woman who bravely overcomes fears and plays in the waves. Building women’s self-confidence and empowering women to embrace their adventurous side is what we specialize in. We can’t wait to be alongside more women in the ocean at our surf and yoga retreat in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica.

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