COVID Vaccination and Visa Requirements for Bali, Indonisia

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COVID Vaccination and Visa Requirements for Bali, Indonisia

BALI, INDONESIA - Balinese dancers performing a traditional temple dance in Legong at the Bali Art and Culture Festival show.

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The information below is always evolving. We will be continuing to update this article when we have more information. Please send us an email if you have any questions that are not answered below.

Travel Requirements for Bali, Indonesia 

There are two main travel requirements for Bali: COVID vaccinations and Visa requirements.

Vaccination Requirements:

To enter Bali, you either need to be fully vaccinated or if not fully vaccinated then you need a medical exemption letter.


1. Fully Vaccinated   

Travelers who are fully vaccinated can enter Bali with proof (digital/printed) of Covid Vaccination, (the last dose must be taken 14 days before traveling to Indonesia). Indonesia does not look at the vaccination dates, just the number of vaccinations.

Fully vaccinated: 2 or more doses. (Johnson & Johnson counts as 2 doses).


2. Unvaccinated (only with medical exemption letter)

Unvaccinated travelers can enter Bali, Indonesia only if they are medically exempted (comorbidity diseases or other reasons that clearly state that for medical reasons they can not be vaccinated).

You need a Medical statement letter from a doctor explaining the medical/health conditions and reason for vaccination exemption.

You can not enter Bali, Indonesia if you choose to be unvaccinated because of personal choice (other than medical conditions).


3. One Dose (only if recovered)

If you received only one dose due to recovering from Covid-19, you must have a recovery certificate explaining that you are not actively transmitting Covid-19. You can not travel to Bali without a recovery certificate if you only received 1 dose of vaccine.



Regulations can change and some authorities and airlines might be stricter than others in enforcing the regulations. Sometimes airlines even struggle to stay up to date and might ask for documents, that are effectively not necessary anymore. Please make sure to check also your airline’s requirements for traveling to Indonesia.


Visa Requirements

You must have a Visa to enter Bali but fear not. The Indonesian government has re-introduced the Visa on Arrival.  80+ nationalities can get a Visa on Arrival at the airport in the arrival hall for IDR 500,000 (ca USD 35). Have cash (US dollars) on hand to pay for your Visa on Arrival. The Visa is valid for 30 days. It can be extended once for another 30 days by going to the immigration office.

Please check here on the details and what nationalities are eligible. 


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