What Local Wildlife Is Around Pura Vida Surf Camp?

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What Local Wildlife Is Around Pura Vida Surf Camp?

Costa Rica Iguana

At Pura Vida Adventures surf camp, we provide a beachfront luxury surf and yoga retreat. We are surrounded by the beauty and lushness Costa Rica is known for, which is why we wanted to call attention to some of the wildlife you may see during your time with us. The hotel we partner with, Tropico Latino, takes pride in being eco-friendly to protect this natural habitat. Listed below are a few of the fauna you may encounter during a Pura Vida Adventures Surf Camp.


Santa Teresa Surf Camp Wildlife


Toucan at Pura Vida Surf Camp, Santa Teresa.

Fiery-Billed Aracari

Aracari Toucan in Santa Teresa

Pictured here is a Fiery-Billed Aracari, a kind of toucan that breeds only on the southern Pacific side of Costa Rica and in western Panama. They often move in small flocks of less than 10 and are primarily fruit eaters. We love to see them relaxing in the trees.


Costa Rican Agouti at Pura Vida Surf Camp.

Costa Rican Agouti


These critters look like giant guinea pigs! Agoutis have hair covered in an oily substance that acts as a water repellant. They are surprisingly agile, able to jump 6 feet in the air from a standstill, turn around in the air, and quickly run away!


A Coati, also known as a coatimundi at Pura Vida Surf Camp.

A Coati, also known as a coatimundi.


Also known as coatimundi, these animals can have tails as long as their bodies! They are related to raccoons and have a reputation for being intelligent. Although they can be elusive, you may see them around the trees and bungalows at Hotel Tropico Latino.


Howler Monkeys at Surf Camp!

Pura Vida Adventures surf camp guests will often hear howler monkeys up in the trees! They are quite loud and tend to be vocal around dawn and dusk. Keep an eye out for these amazing creatures!


If you truly want to experience nature during your visit to Costa Rica, we recommend spending time at Cabo Blanco Nature Preserve, at the southern tip of the Nicoya Peninsula. The reserve provides refuge for many species of birds and animals. What animal would you be most excited to see? During the Pura Vida Adventures surf camp, we love watching the fauna in their natural jungle habitat. We know you will be as enchanted with the wildlife as we are.

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