What Are The Physical Benefits Of Surfing In Your 40’s, 50’s and 60’s?

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What Are The Physical Benefits Of Surfing In Your 40’s, 50’s and 60’s?

What are the physical benefits of surfing? The list is long, impressive, and can help you at any decade of your life! Surfing is great because there are so many health advantages with very few physical requirements. It’s scientifically proven that exercise has many mental, emotional and physical health benefits, but today we are just focusing on the physical aspects.

A pre-surf warm-up is essential!


…At Any Age

When it comes to full-body exercise, it’s hard to find a sport that’s better than surfing.  You’re improving your balance as well as your strength as you are constantly moving to adjust your position on the board and the wave. You truly use every muscle group during this sport!


…Reduces Injuries!

Surfing improves flexibility. Quality shoulder and hip range of motion are important for surfing well, as is back mobility. Even if you don’t start off being very flexible, surfing on a regular basis (along with pre and post-surf stretching!) can improve your flexibility.


Important For Fall Prevention

Improved balance can lead to a better quality of life as we get older. Falling can be a big risk for older people, which can lead to life-threatening complications. In order to properly keep your balance on the board, you need to engage your core, hips, legs, and arms, and even be aware of your head position. All of this balance practice can help prevent falls. What better way to work on balance than playing in the water on a surfboard?


women surfing on a longboard

Strong, flexible and fearless!

For Heart Health

Classified as ‘vigorous’ exercise by health experts, surfing is a great way to burn calories. It burns roughly the same amount of calories as football, rock climbing or a session in the gym. Since it is low impact, it is also much better for your knee and hip joints than exercises like running. Paddling through the water on a board takes a great deal of stamina. If you’ve ever swam laps at a pool, you know how much work swimming can be! Paddling out, popping-up and actually standing up and surfing all get your heart beating faster! This increased blood flow improves your circulation, lung and heart health, as well as oxygenating your blood. This, in turn, improves your stamina and decreases the chances of developing a heart-related illness.


Mind and Body Working Together

Learning to surf can be tricky, but that’s also one of the things that makes us love it so much. There is a lot that needs to come together when you stand up on a surfboard. It requires timing, understanding of the waves and coordinating many parts of your body together. What a sense of accomplishment when we get all of that coordination right! A study of older surfers by Australia’s Southern Cross University found that older people who regularly surf appeared to maintain or improve balance and coordination better than active older people who didn’t surf.


Fit Body and Feeling Strong

The whole body strengthening effects of surfing will show in your body! Most people love the positive changes in their appearance and the health benefits achieved from surfing. All of the benefits of surfing will translate to more functional strength and ease of movement in your day-to-day life. You may even find your waistline has dropped by a few inches after regularly recreationally surfing! To try surfing yourself, join us for a surf retreat at Pura Vida Adventures!

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