Perfect Gifts for the Surfer Girls on Your Christmas List!

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November 13, 2022
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Perfect Gifts for the Surfer Girls on Your Christmas List!

Happy holidays!

At Pura Vida Adventures, instead of hitting the malls after Thanksgiving, we opted to hit the water instead. Enjoying nature, taking the time to play, and spending time with our loved ones are how we choose to spend the holidays! If you want to support your favorite surfer girl (or guy!) in doing this same thing, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite products. We think these are some of the items that might top any surfer’s Christmas list!

Surfing through the holidays!

Shop Small

Our lead surf instructor Nikki is a huge proponent of keeping a surf journal. Noting the conditions, what board you surfed and how you did on any given day will help you understand what works best at your favorite surf break, or what kind of conditions you are routinely happy with. This downloadable surf journal from Etsy is a perfect way to start!

Shop Consciously

Kelly Slater once said, “I think when a surfer becomes a surfer, it’s almost like an obligation to be an environmentalist at the same time.” Luckily, this eco leash by Wave Tribe is as environmentally conscious as it is durable! Bonus points for the variety of lengths, key pocket and warranty.

Surfing a Salt Gypsy board is a blast!

Shop Healthy (Hair)

Rahua creates luxury products using clean ingredients. At Pura Vida, we are all about being inspired by nature’s abundance. The plentiful sunshine down here in Costa Rica has us vigilantly protecting our hair when we are out in the waves. Retreat manager Diane loves Rahua’s Hydration Detangler + UV Barrier, and uses it without fail when she heads into the water.

Shop Minimalist

In a perfect world, all a surfer girl would need is a bikini, some sunblock, and their board. So give a gift that won’t just sit around on her shelf. One that, instead, she can use to track swell, geek out on weather patterns, and plan her next surf odyssey (quite possibly a Pura Vida Adventures retreat). A subscription to Surfline will allow here to do all that and more! With surf forecasts, news, travel discounts, and gear reviews, Surfline will keep your gal headed down the line.

Shop Fit

Sometimes it seems like to become a better surfer you just need more time in the water. While time spent surfing is definitely good for your mind, body and soul; sometimes training out of the water can actually make your surf sessions and technique even better. Davide, one of PVA’s most detail-oriented surf instructors, swears by on-land surf training using a Bosu ball. All of us agree that this is a great tool to challenge your balance and core strength. Your favorite surfer will love this gift!

Shop Woman-Owned

Salt Gypsy checks all the boxes: woman-owned and run, sustainably sourced materials, mindful packaging, minimal waste, and aesthetically pleasing products to boot! From gorgeous longboards to fun surfsuits, this is a one-stop shop for gifts that are sure to wow. Here at Pura Vida, we’ve tried their products and know how quality they are!

Shop Inspiration

Surfer girls need down days too. So when Mother Nature isn’t cooperating, chillin’ on the couch is always an option. But why not turn her lazy days into days filled with inspiration? Check out our blog on the best Instagram pages, surf books and movies for total inspiration!

Shop Necessity

Every surfer girl needs wax. It’s almost as important as sunblock! But don’t just buy the first wax you come across. Stickiness, water temperature and manufacturing process matter! To splurge on your favorite surfer girl, we recommend Kassia’s Warm Water Surf Wax. This wax will bring all the good vibes with its unique Palo Santo scent infused into each bar of wax. Palo Santo is said to have healing and energy-cleansing properties. Good energy at the start of every surf session sounds pretty good to us! Plus, we figure pro-surfer Kassia Meador knows a thing or two about wax, so a wax created by her seems like a no-brainer to us.

When you’re a surfer, you become a surf wax connoisseur!

Shop Adventure

If your favorite surfer is stuck in cold, dreary weather during the winter, she is probably dreaming of her next adventure. So why not gift her something to look forward to?  A gift certificate to Pura Vida Adventures really is the best gift a girl could ask for! And the transformative, five-star experience she’ll have will be a gift that keeps on giving, long past the time the tinsel is pulled from the mantle. Contact us to make her wish come true. You won’t regret it!

Well—you know where we’ll be on Christmas morning. For surfer girls, dawn patrol always precedes the festivities. We hope you also surfing the waves, where ever you are! And then we also hope you or your favorite surfers will be unwrapping some of the gifts on this list!

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