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I will be traveling alone. Do you have many solo travelers?

Absolutely. About 50% of our clients are solo travelers, so you will fit right in! Our retreats form a community of sharing, adventure and fun. It’s a great way to meet other amazing people and to experience Costa Rica.

If I come alone, can I share a room?

Yes, we will match you up with another surf chica. Part of the fun is to meet new friends with similar interests and to share the “pura vida” of surfing.

What is the average age of our clients?

Our guests generally range in age from 20’s to 60’s with the average age around 35-40. Our guests come with a hunger for adventure, a thirst for surf and an appetite for fun and relaxation.

Are there mainly couples in the coed retreats?

No. Our coed retreats are a mixture of guests, comprised mainly of solo travelers, as well as groups of friends, and the occasional couple.

When should I arrive and leave for my surf retreat?

For the first day, you can check-in anytime at the resort and our first activity starts at 6pm with our “Welcome Dinner”. The commuter flights from San Jose to our area don’t offer evening flights, so if your international flight arrives in San Jose in the evening, you will have to stay the night in San Jose. In this case, we would recommend flying into San Jose the day before the retreat starts and taking the first available flight to our area the next day. Just contact us for a list of suggested hotels in San Jose. For the last day of your surf retreat, we have an early morning surf followed by breakfast which ends around 10 am. We suggest taking a commuter flight out in the afternoon and trying to take a later international flight.

Which international airport do I fly into?

The international airport you fly into is SJO, in San Jose, the capitol of Costa Rica. We recommend flying into SJO, rather than Liberia (LIR), since it is much more convenient, easier and cheaper to travel to our retreat. If you’re contemplating flying into LIR to get to us, you will either have to take a private taxi ($350) or a commuter flight which costs about twice as much as the commuter flight from San Jose.

Is it possible to book extra nights at the hotel?

Come a day early or leave a day later if possible, to allow you to unwind more, explore the local area and enjoy what Forbes Magazine calls one of “the world’s 10 most breathtaking beaches.” Contact us to check availability and to book extra nights of lodging.

Is transportation included?

Transportation to and from our retreat is not included, as we have guests arriving from all over the world. However, we are more than happy to assist you with your travel arrangements.

How is the weather during the surf retreats?

There are two seasons in Costa Rica, the “dry” season which is December – April and the “green” season which is May – November. During our “green” season surf camps it occasionally rains in the mid-afternoons; but this is usually brief and passing, as it is still hot and sunny during this season. For both seasons, the temperature is around 90° F and the water is very warm. So boardshorts, rashguards and bikinis are the surfing attire… no wetsuit needed!!!

I have never surfed. Is Pura Vida Adventures a good choice for a beginner?

Absolutely. Many of our guests are beginning surfers. Our main surf break is a gentle rolling wave that is perfect for beginner surf instruction, and is located right outside the hotel! You will be pleasantly surprised how quickly you will be up and riding waves. You’ll be in great hands with our experienced surf instructors, who will guide you every step of the way to make you feel at ease in the water with your surfboard, while also supporting you as a mentor, friend, and personal cheerleader.

I have surfed for a few years, would this be a surf retreat for me?

Definitely. Over the last 13 years, we have developed a comprehensive surf program for intermediate and advanced surfers. We have an incredible staff with a wealth of knowledge and experience including some who have even competed internationally. Your instructor will sit down with you and discuss your goals and what you would like to work on for the week. Part of our surfing program is video analysis. Video analysis is a fantastic coaching tool which enables us to show you exactly what you look like and what you need to work on for the next surf session. We also have a surf van that allows us to go to the best breaks (we have 5 different breaks) in the area for the swell and conditions.

What type of surf breaks do you have?

The Malpais/Santa Teresa area is known for their wide variety of surf breaks that cater to beginners, intermediate and advanced level surfers. With around 5 different types of surf breaks in the area including point, reef and beach breaks, we can find a surf spot for every level of surfer.

Do I need to be a great swimmer to surf?

As long as you are comfortable swimming in the ocean, you will do just fine. Check out the amazing story of our past client Arpita who won a surf retreat and learned how to swim just weeks before her surf adventure.

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