10 Mindful Gifts on Your Surfer Girl’s Christmas List

Surfer Girl's Christmas List

If Black Friday didn’t inspire your Surfer Girl’s Christmas list, join the club. At Pura Vida Adventures, we opted to #justsurf instead of battling the malls and traffic for mindless gifts that support big commerce (thank God there’s no mall in Costa Rica). This year, we’re giving a long, hard look at what serious surfer… More »

A Surf Retreat Full of Gratitude

Last week we hosted our third annual Surfsgiving surf retreat and the consensus with the Pura Vida Adventures family was it was one for the record books. Nine incredible women and one very, very brave boyfriend-of-the-year took this week by the horns and rode it like a mechanical bull at the local disco club. This… More »

A Mouthwatering Culinary Travel Experience

culinary travel

Celebrating Thanksgiving in Costa Rica—an emerging culinary travel destination—puts a new perspective on the foodie movement and sustainable culture. Because similar to the Pilgrims (who landed the Mayflower in America, becoming locavores by default), “fresh” and “local” foods are the only options for Ticos. It’s a cultural nuance that puts Costa Rica, Hotel Tropico Latino,… More »

Pura Vida Adventures, A Small Family Surf Business

small family surf business

The fundamental focus of Pura Vida Adventures surf and yoga retreats was created around the concept of family. And our growing family of surfers—blood or otherwise—is what makes this small family surf business tick. While our clan of empowered surfers seems to grow exponentially each year, it’s a core two—Tierza and Kathy—who have built the framework for… More »

Sharing the Surfing Lineup With Two Colorful Chicas

sharing the lineup

It takes a special kind of person to be part of the Pura Vida Adventures surfing lineup, and both Andy and Michelle fit that bill. An Argentinian and Costa Rican respectively, these worldly ladies pour their hearts into everything they do, including their jobs as surf instructors and running two surf-inspired fashion companies.  Andy Picasso, Surf Instructor… More »

Take Me To Your Leaders, Spiritual Gangster-style

yoga gangster

Wanna be a spiritual gangster? Okay, maybe not. But when you come to a Pura Vida Adventures surf and yoga retreat, it might be nice to be inspired by one. Lucky for you (and lucky for us, too), we have two such women on the frontline. Our camp hostess, Sara, is a small-town girl from… More »

Learning to Surf from these Kookbitches

Learning to surf

At Pura Vida Adventures, we’re all about letting our freak flag fly. And we own it! The fact that we can embrace each other for being strong women, while also calling ourselves out on various antics, makes our clients who are learning to surf feel like they’re just one of the crew. Whether it’s a… More »

Surf and Yoga Retreat for Mothers and Daughters

surf and yoga retreat

Surf and Yoga Retreat for Mothers and Daughters (a note from Tierza) I started the Pura Vida Adventures Surf and Yoga Retreat business ten years before I had children. My idea was to create a women’s surf camp where ladies could form bonds through the fun of adventure, while also unwinding from their daily lives.… More »

A Barefoot Luxury Vacation on Steriods

Do you ever feel like you need a barefoot luxury vacation, pronto? Maybe your everyday world is toxic. Now, I don’t mean toxic in the poisonous sense, but more in the energetic sense. Because even if our daily grind has a vital pulse, our busy lives still create stagnant energy over time. And unless we force… More »